Regina Chesterton Academy is a collaborative non-profit venture of Regina Academies of Philadelphia and Chesterton Academy of Minneapolis under the sponsorship and control of Cardinal O’Hara High School.

Chesterton Academy is a private, co-ed, college-preparatory program with a classical curriculum; it launched in 2008 in Edina Minnesota with 10 students and now enrolls 130 students in grades 9 – 12. It was co-founded by world renowned Chestertonian scholar, Dale Ahlquist, and Tom Bengtson a successful businessman and the author of two books and a column on how to live a life of faith at work.

In addition to owning and operating their own Academies, Chesterton Academy franchises its classical curriculum to other independent private academies in a growing number of cities. There are currently 7 Chesterton Academies in 7 U.S. cities and there are plans to open 3 more Academies in 2016.

The Chesterton Academy curriculum is foundationed on the classical educational building blocks of math, science, language, humanities, and the arts.

In the humanities, students proceed from Antiquity in grade 9 to the Early Medieval period in grade 10, to the High Middle Ages and Renaissance Period in grade 11 and, finally, to the Modern period in grade 12.

The Humanities curriculum includes history, literature, theology, philosophy, foreign language, economics and social sciences.

The Math curriculum includes Algebra II, Trigonometry, Calculus and Statistical Theory. The Science curriculum includes Astronomy, Geology, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

The Arts curriculum includes Music, Art and Drama.

The method of presentation is Socratic. Teachers lead students to truth and beauty by encouraging them to question everything – including their teachers and each other.

Every student is accountable for enriching each class through rigorous preparation and active participation.

Chesterton Academy regards faith as “the central reality from which all academic disciplines flow and derive their meaning.” Chesterton Academy graduates will be trained to solve difficult societal problems by virtue of their having absorbed the “wisdom of the ages.” They will understand Man, his fundamental identity and mission, in a way their peers will not. This they will have achieved by sitting, virtually, at the feet of the Grand Masters whose intellectual contributions form the pillars of Western Civilization. This will permit them to understand Modernity in all its glorious complexity from the perspective of man’s entire journey through time, not merely his industrial and technical achievements of the last few hundred years. They will be trained to lead.

Watch - A Culture of Life...
An Introduction to Chesterton Academy Chesterton Academy students join co-founders Tom Bengtson and Dale Ahlquist to reflect on the history, mission and impact of Chesterton Academy.

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