The “Dove” symbolizes the Holy Spirit, spouse of the Regina, and captures the virtually inseparable relationship between the two.

The Dove’s two wings symbolize Faith and Reason captured in Pope St. John Paul II’s opening line of Fides and Ratio
(“Faith and Reason are the two wings upon which Man takes flight.”)

The Dove’s rays represent graces bestowed upon the Regina Chesterton Academy and its students, parents, teachers, administrators and benefactors.

The Shield represents the protective power of Truth in the lives of the Academy’s students and teachers.

The Laurel Wreath symbolizes the distinguished level of classical education and the academic achievement of the Academy’s students.

The icon represents all that the students will experience on their journey through Regina Chesterton Academy. This journey by its very nature will be A Joyous Exploration of Faith and Reason. One in which the students, along with their teachers will pursue Truth with passion.

This unique education will open the door to which the students will be directed to discover the wisdom accumulated by mankind in every age, beginning with antiquity. The journey will be joyous as it will be marked by the commitment of teachers, students, parents and administrators and undertaken with a spirit of adventure and fun consistent with the mind and heart, faith and fervor of G.K. Chesterton himself.