Tom FertalDear Friends,

In keeping with our vision to “serve as a national Catholic leader in the education, spiritual formation and leadership development of young people,” Cardinal O’Hara High School is pleased to present to you the Regina Chesterton Academy.

A collaborative effort between Cardinal O’Hara and the Regina Academies, in cooperation with the Chesterton Schools Network, the Regina Chesterton Academy is a classical, Catholic educational program that seeks “to recover the discarded intellectual treasures that form and bind Western Civilization, to rebuild the cornerstone of society through the bricks of truth and the mortar of virtue one family at a time, and to reignite a New Evangelization built on the unity of Faith and Reason. "

Students within the program will feast upon the works of intellectual and spiritual masterpieces while seeking deeper meaning and purpose and uncovering the richness and value of our faith. Supported by spiritual formation activities, frequent celebration of the Eucharist, varied prayer experiences from our tradition, exposure to unique speakers and participation in meaningful field trip experiences, students will be fully equipped to fulfill their baptismal promise and become salt and light for a culture desperately in need of renewal. With character, competence and confidence, graduates will depart from O’Hara to make a difference in our community, in our Church and in our world.

With this noblest of missions before us we welcome your inquiry, your support, your partnership and your prayers. As parents, priests, teachers, lay ministers and others who toil in the vineyard of forming and educating young men and women of faith, we welcome the opportunity to work together as we all seek to “prepare saints for life in this world and in the next. "

If I or any member of my staff can be of service to you regarding this initiative, please do not hesitate to contact us using the  information below.


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Thomas S. Fertal