G.K. Chesterton

As Catholics we believe there is but a singular overarching goal in life. We are called to holiness; we are called to become saints. Indeed, as the Church teaches, it is necessary that we become saints if we are to enter paradise and live in eternal union with the most Blessed Trinity.

It is manifestly God’s will that the saints are all uniquely different – in order that we, the Church Militant, can each find at least one saint who’s temperament and circumstances and journey in faith mirrors our own and who becomes an ongoing source of encouragement.

Despite their great differences, however, there is one thing that all the saints shared in common while they were on this earth: a strikingly powerful devotion to the Mother of God.

Many were quite explicit about their love for, and dependence upon, the woman the Church regards as Immaculately conceived. The greatest of saints in our time – St. Terese of Lisieux, Maximilian Kolbe, John Paul II, Mother Theresa – were known to have consecrated their lives and work to the Immaculate Heart of Mary … and to have renewed their consecrations annually.

This is why The Regina Academies are called the Regina Academies.

We exist to help our parents and our students and our teachers and our administrators to become saints. We know this is simply not possible without the intercession of the Queen of angels and men. We know she is the most powerful intercessor known to man and the shortest and most direct path to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. And the origin and history of our Academies bears constant witness to the promise “never was it known that anyone who fled to (her) intercession was ever left unaided.”

So we have dedicated our Academies to the woman that the poet called “nature’s solitary boast.”

We have consecrated our Academies and our entire communities to her and we renew those consecrations at the start of every school year.

And we pray to her every day, asking for the grace to stay faithful to the great commission we have been given: To co-operate with her in bringing as many souls as possible to Christ.